RnB Sensation and Tik-Tok Star Jason Derulo Delivers Outstanding Performance at Expo 2020 Dubai

2 min readApr 3, 2022


Jason Derulo

The last ever Friday night (March 25th) at Expo 2020 Dubai was party night in the 7500 capacity Jubilee Park. A roster of international DJ’s including DJ’s Moky and DJ Charlesy from the UK kept the packed park and spill over crowd in Millennium Gardens entertained and buzzing as they awaited the man of the night — Jason Derulo. A mix of some of the best club anthems, sung in a variety of languages, were played much to the delight of the multicultural audience who sang along with fervor.

Technical issues resolved; Jason Derulo shimmed his way onto the stage to join his quartet of dancers as he opened with his debut single Watcha Say released in 2009. This is how you start a finely choreographed visual extravaganza! A dazzling light and flame show were the backdrop to the collection of songs Jason serenaded the crowd with. This is after all an artist with 17 platinum singles to his name and a huge back catalogue of songs from 4 albums that he drew upon to woo the crowd. Woo the crowd he did with over fifteen songs including Tip Top, Wiggle, Take you dancing, It Girl, Trumpets and Swalla featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign.

The evening wouldn’t have been complete without performing his 2020 track Savage Love that went viral on Tick-Tok helping him become one of the most popular artists on the platform with 52m followers. The remixed version, by the Korean pop sensation BTS, even reached number one in the US chart, introducing him to a new audience and reminding the music industry of his talents.

For an hour he sang and danced, accompanied by his talented dancers and got the crowd into a frenzy. Jason certainly still has the footwork and moves to accompany each of his tunes. But I did wonder, with such a high energy performance he couldn’t possibly be singing, note perfect, unaided.

As the show drew to an end Jason thanked the organisers of the Expo 2020 Dubai and remained the appreciative audience that ‘If there’s something you dream about doing, go after it with all your heart’. On that note the lights dimmed, his dancers back-flipped and took photos of the audience who were slowly dispersing as DJ JEA Murphy played Jason’s track Ayo Girl.

Jason Derula born Jason Desrouleaux is an award-winning global pop sensation who not only sings and dances but collaborates with artists ranging from David Gutta to Demi Lovato and is a songwriter for the likes of Diddy and Lil Wayne to name a few.

Sonia Dixon & Delroy Constantine-Simms