Bahamas PM honoured to present people and culture to countries across the globe at Expo 2020 Dubai

3 min readJan 31, 2022


DUBAI, 17 January 2022 — During his visit to celebrate his country’s Expo 2020 Dubai National Day today (17 January) His Excellency Philip Davis QC, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, said he is proud to present the stunning archipelago to the rest of the world.

The delegation included the Royal Bahamas Police Force Pop Band and other Bahamian artists and performers, among them, Shaback, a choir led by Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Press Secretary Clint Watson, whose relatives also made up the delegation in other capacities.

While in Dubai, the government signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the UAE for technical assistance. Davis said the MOU is a foundation toward building mutual benefits between The Bahamas and the UAE.

Thanking the UAE for its support and friendship, HE Philip Davis said he looked forward to furthering ties between the two countries.

Your participation at Expo 2020 Dubai is a powerful opportunity for The Bahamas to showcase the country on a global stage. What impact are hoping for, particularly in the tourism sector?

The Expo is a tremendous venue for countries to get to know each other and to present the best of our country to the rest of the world. This is a great platform to show the world the people of Bahamas, as well as the numerous attractions that make our tropical archipelago so special, such as our pristine white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise waters. Many people still don’t know where The Bahamas is, and I am grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate who we are and what we are all about.

How will The Bahamas be advancing their bilateral relations with the UAE?

I would first like to thank the UAE for all of their assistance and for the way they have accommodated us at Expo 2020 Dubai. During my stay, I have had the opportunity to meet several key personnel to discuss bilateral arrangements in the areas of our service and services agreements. We’ve already negotiated a visa waiver between our countries to facilitate the ease of travel between the two countries. We intend to expand upon our relations and to identify new projects that we can work together on.

Delroy Constantine-Simms and Paul Ross (The Bahamas)