The 16-year-old boy who visited all 192 pavilions in 3 days returns to Expo 2020 Dubai.

2 min readJan 2, 2022


Fazil, who was born in Saudi Arabia, travelled to Dubai once more to explore the pavilions once again and learn more about the different cultures and traditions of each country.

Fazil Ummer said: “The first time I came here to Expo 2020 Dubai, it was great to go to every pavilion. All the pavilions were unique and the traditions and cultures [showcased] were great. Learning about the different countries was amazing, and it inspired me to visit all the pavilions.”

In November, Fazil managed to tour the entire site by visiting 80 pavilions on his first day, 50 on his second day, and 62 on his third day.

During his second time around Expo 2020, he made sure to take his time in each pavilion and began writing down the things he learnt after visiting.

The Commissioner General of the Australia Pavilion was impressed by the 16-year-old’s mission, and gifted him a golden coin — an honour usually only awarded to world leaders.

Fazil said: “The golden coin was given to me by the Commissioner General of the Australia Pavilion. They gave it to me because I visited all the pavilions twice. It is only given to presidents and vice presidents. I’m very happy to have this and I will cherish it forever.”

Expo 2020 offers visitors a chance to visit 192 Country Pavilions and meet people from all around the world. Fazil said that everyone should tour the site at least two or three times to get the full experience — among his favourite pavilions were Australia, Germany, Japan and the UAE.

He said: “Every pavilion is unique and it is beautiful to go and see all the pavilions. I think everyone should visit every pavilion and learn about the different cultures and different countries.”